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Here you will find a collection of products, services, podcasts, videos and other content from around the web. All of these links will take you to something we personally find value in. We are not interested in selling you anything or pushing you to use services just for the sake of earning a referral commission, we already have jobs. We aren’t going to lie to you either, if we find value in a product or service and choose to list it here we use our referral code. Duh!

You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget

Our #1 Pick For Financial Software

We tried a lot of different personal finance software options and none of them seemed to do what we needed. You Need A Budget really allows you to see where your money is going and most importantly it helps you develop and stick to a budget. They offer a 34 day trial so you can take your time and see if you really like it before paying.

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Automatic Investing That’s Easy To Use

With Acorns we can constantly be investing in our future by rounding up our purchases and investing that spare change for a rainy day. You can choose the level of risk you are most comfortable with and even schedule additional recurring investments. If you use our links to sign up today, Acorns will put $5 in your account for free!

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Buy & Sell Stocks With Zero Fees

Currently we have a few different investment accounts that we use for different purposes. When we have a particular stock in mind that we want to invest in we trade with Webull. It’s completely free to trade with zero fees which is what we were looking for and the software works great. If you use our links to sign up and deposit $100, Webull will give you 2 free stocks worth anywhere from $2.50 all the way up to $1,400.00!

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Almost Effortless Cash Back & Rewards

We use this free service to save on almost everything from groceries to online shopping and it’s really easy. You can link your rewards accounts from the Ibotta app and redeem clipped coupons and additional savings. They also have deals with many online retailers where you can earn cash back, places like Best Buy, Expedia and Sephora. Using Ibotta is so easy it’s almost passive income and it’s free to get started!

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